Xoc Maya Calendar

Run on macOS

Xoc Maya Calendar now supports running on the macOS using Crossover. Crossover is a compatibility layer that allows a Windows program to run natively on the Mac. You don't need to know anything about Windows and almost nothing about Crossover! This means that once Crossover and Xoc Maya Calendar are installed, you can run Xoc Maya Calendar alongside all of your other Mac programs.

You can try it for 14 days and see how it works before needing to purchasing Crossover and the Xoc Maya Calendar license key. Xoc Software neither produces or sells Crossover, it is merely a means to run our software.

When it comes time to buy a Crossover license key, there are three versions based on how long the license is good for: one version, one year, one lifetime. You should only need the 'one version' license. Crossover offers educational discounts. However, you must send them email before buying the license key to receive the discount.

Running on macOS

To install on the Mac, follow these steps in order:

  1. Download and install the Crossover Mac trial »
  2. Download XocMayaCalendar.cxarchive »
    This is about 800 MB, so allow some time to download.
  3. Open your Download folder and double-click on the XocMayaCalendar.cxarchive file that you downloaded.
  4. Create the xocmayacalendar bottle in Crossover.
  5. Open the Mac Launcher and double-click on the Xoc Maya Calendar program icon.