Xoc Maya Calendar

Other Operating Systems

Xoc Maya Calendar requires the Microsoft Windows Operating System. However, there are a number of methods to get the program to run on Apple hardware or the Linux operating system. All of these techniques require that you install some software that allows you to run Windows on your non-Windows machine. You then buy and install Windows into that software. These techniques will allow you to run any Windows software on your machine, not just ours.

Important Note: We do not provide support for any of these solutions. Please contact the supplier of the software for support.


There are several solutions that will let an Apple run Windows software. We have no preferences or recommendations and are only listing them here as a service.


You will need to find Virtual Machine software that will run on your flavor of Linux. Install Windows into that virtual machine, then install our software. Most Linux machines also support dual-boot that will allow you to run Windows instead of Linux.